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What's New in Komodo 8

Komodo 8.5 delivers major productivity-enhancing features along with an
intuitive UI. Here are some things you will love about the latest

Code Refactoring new in 8.5

Simplify project-wide code changes with these smart transformation
capabilities: Rename Variables, Rename Class Member and Method
Extraction. Code refactoring works on all languages supported by code
intelligence, including Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript and Node.js.

Multiple Selections new in 8.5

Save time by making multiple edits at once. In addition to Komodo's
column/block editing, you can now select multiple positions in the
editor, so that changes made at one position will be reflected in all
selected positions.

Breadcrumbs Navigation new in 8.5

Easily find and open previous files. A breadcrumbs navigation bar has
been added to show a trail of directory ancestors relative to the
current editor file.

Sort and Group Open Files new in 8.5

Efficiently manage a large number of files with the new Open Files side
pane, which groups open files by language. You can hide the editor tabs
completely and just work off the Open Files pane if you prefer.

In 8.5, you can now sort and group the Open Files pane by various
attributes: language, file extension, directory, location, and even
custom regex pattern match.

Abyss Dark Theme new in 8.5

Add a touch of darkness with the new "Abyss" native dark UI theme. This
theme applies to the UI elements outside of the main editor and can be
enabled in the Appearance preferences. For maximum effect, select the
"Dark_Wombatsosia" color scheme within the main editor.

Unified Menu Button new in 8.5

Maximize your vertical editing space. Komodo can now be configured to
consolidate the menu bar into a collapsible button (Windows and Linux).
The last used menu items will be displayed in the top-level of the
button menu, making it quick and easy to run the same menu command

New User Interface

We've redesigned our UI from the ground up to give you a much better
user experience. You'll appreciate seeing less clutter and more editing
space. Every feature now has a consistent look, and feels native to your
operating system.

Floating Side Panes

Click to detach any side pane tab (ie. Places, Code Browser, Debug) and
move it anywhere on screen. It's a much more flexible way to work, and
even better if you have two monitors.

Auto Abbreviation Snippets

Type the first few characters of a snippet to trigger a list you can tab
through. This makes inserting snippets faster, while keeping you in
control of the content. Support for Embedded JavaScript (EJS) within a
snippet means you can now systematically determine snippet contents at

Fast Open Shortcuts

We've made Fast Open faster. You can now make shortcuts to frequently
used paths. Have a directory path like "/some/long/path/etc"? Make a
shortcut for "code/" and see all the files in the directory.


Document getting long? The minimap gives you a high-level overview so
you can scroll and reposition the editor on any targeted section of

PHP 5.5 Support new in 8.5

We've added support for PHP 5.5, with a new Xdebug module (for PHP
debugging and Code Profiling), updates for the two new keywords (yield,
finally) and updates to code intelligence to provide the latest API

CodeIntel Out-Of-Process new in 8.5

Komodo's code intelligence system (code scanning, calltips, completions,
goto definition, refactoring, etc.) is now handled by an external
process, greatly enhancing editing responsiveness.

Performance new in 8.5

Various performance tweaks have been made to enhance editing
performance, as well as improve search speed, syntax checking times and
general responsiveness of Komodo.

New Language Support

We've added editing for Laravel Blade. Laravel is a powerful PHP
framework that allows tremendous flexibility in design. We've also added
syntax checking for Sass, an extension of CSS3 that adds nested rules,
variables, and other fun stuff.

Retina Support - Mac OS X

Enjoy crystal clear high definition on the editor and the user

Python Symbols new in 8.5

We've added two-character length triggering for Python symbols. For
example, when you type "im" you'll now see completions for "import" as
well as any local variables, functions, classes and builtins that are in
scope and have a name starting with "im".

OSX Improvements new in 8.5

Drawing is smoother and Komodo can draw using the integrated graphics
card, which leads to improved battery life on laptops.

Updated Platform new in 8.5

Komodo now runs on Mozilla 24, Python 2.7.5, Scintilla 3.34 and other
updated components. What this means for you:

- Faster startup times and less CPU and memory resources
- Better hardware support for newer systems
- Better browser preview, supporting the latest web technologies

Download File Size:81.57 MB

ActiveState Komodo IDE for Mac
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