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Tadashi Nakamura - Karate: Technique & Spirit
Blue Snake Books | 2001 | ISBN: 080483282X | English | 200 Pages | PDF | 9.46 MB
Master the techniques and warrior spirit of karate with this illustrated martial arts guide.
The true essence of karate-do is integrated training of the body, mind, and spirit to fully achieve human potential. Karate: Technique and Spirit describes in detail all the steps necessary to attain this goal. It is a book of Karate technique, a guideline for training, and a patient exposition of moral philosophy. Kaicho (grand master) Nakamura takes us from the basics — warmups, punches, blocks, and kicks — to the advanced practice of traditional weapons and kumite (sparring), all the while grounding the physical expression of this martial art in its rich history and philosophy.
With over 700 photos, Karate: Technique and Spirit vividly conveys the essence of karate-do and how it can bring deeper meaning to our daily lives. Chapters include: Foundations of Karate; Basics of Karate-Do; Postures and Stances; Natural Weapons; Kata (Formal Exercises); Kumite (Fighting) and more!
Karate Way of Life.
Foundations of Karate.
Historical Background.
Seido: History and Philosophy.
Karate in Everyday Life.
Application to Modern Living.
Breathing Methods.
Basics of Karate-do Training.
Karate-do Etiquette.
Daily Schedule and Diet.
Warming Up, Stretching & Callisthenic Exercises.
Postures and Stances.
Natural Weapons.
Hand and Arm Techniques.
Offensive Techniques.
Defensive Techniques.
Leg Techniques.
Offensive Techniques.
Defensive Techniques.
Tameshiwari (Breaking).
Kata (Formal Exercises).
Definition and Purpose of Kata.
Names and Meanings of Kata.
Taikyoku Kata #1.
Seido Kata #1.
Gekisai-Dai Kata.
Tsuki No Kata.
Practice of Weapons.
The Traditional Weapon of Karate.
Basic Bo Kamae.
Sai Techniques.
Bo Offensive Techniques.
Bo Against Jo.
Bo Against Sai.
Bo Kata Chion.
Sai Kata Ganki-Dai.
Kumite (Fighting).
Toh Kon (Fighting Spirit).
Definition and Purpose of Kumite.
Karate Meditation Lectures.
About the Author.

Download File Size:8.89 MB

Karate Technique & Spirit
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