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Applied Flow Technology Titan 3.0 €30 buy download

With ever increasing complexity, sizing today's
compressible flow systems for minimal cost surpasses
the best traditional design methods. Human
intelligence cannot comprehensively handle the often
staggering number of variables involved, resulting
in missed opportunities to reduce cost. Now, AFT
Titan with IntelliFlowr eliminates these boundaries.
Providing the systems engineer a new technology to
intelligently size the system as a whole, your
compressible flow piping system can be optimally
sized resulting in substantial cost savings. With
comprehensive system modeling capabilities, a
flexible graphical interface and an advanced
optimization engine, AFT Titan offers a quantum leap
improvement to the traditional pipe and duct design

What is intelligent system sizing? Traditional
engineering methods are limited in their ability to
select pipes, ducts and equipment sizes on a system
basis. Even simple systems will have billions of
potential size combinations to consider for their
various components, far too many to evaluate by
traditional methods. In contrast, intelligent system
sizing selects all components simultaneously as a
unit. This is the essence of IntelliFlowr
technology. AFT Titan harnesses this technology to
automatically identify and select the lowest cost
design to meet your requirements.

With AFT Titan, you specify the design requirements
and sizing criteria. Sizing criteria may be to
minimize initial or life cycle cost, or parameters
such as pipe weight, volume or surface area. AFT
Titan then performs a comprehensive analysis of the
complex interaction among the various components to
intelligently determine the optimal sizes of piping,
ducting, compressors and fans, valves and other
system components. The savings in materials,
installation, energy and other costs associated with
your piping or ducting system can be dramatic.
Traditional methods of system sizing simply can't
compare. No matter how good your design methods are,
AFT Titan is guaranteed to reduce cost.


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Applied Flow Technology Titan 3.0
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