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Artificial Audio Obelisk 1.0.1 VST €15 buy download

OBELISK is a spectral multi effect whose sound possibilities and
graphic user interface raise the area of spectral sound processing to
a completely new level. OBELISK combines a SPECTRAL DELAY, a SPECTRAL
FILTER and a SPECTRAL GATE to a multi effect that not only sounds
excellent but also enables an extremely intuitive and musical
operation, in spite of hundreds of effect parameters. With OBELISK you
can draw your effect and with the aid of graphic lines control a
multitude of effect parameters in a very simple and descriptive
manner.With its 2-dimensional LFOs, OBELISK creates completely innovative
modulation possibilities by means of which the processed signal
transforms into an endlessly changing sound layer. In spite of the
comprehensive possibilities it provides for sound processing and
modulation, OBELISK requires very little computing power, thanks to
its high performing vector algorithms.



* high quality spectral analysis and synthesis ( 256 or 512 frequency bands )
* adjustable frame size and overlap
* multiple window functions : rectangle, triangle, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman
* arbitrary sample rates up to 192 KHzREALTIME SPECTRUM ANALYZER
* realtime spectrum analyzer with hold function
* selectable analyzer sources : input signal / effect signal / output signalSPECTRAL DELAY
* individual delay with feedback for every single frequency band
* 10 delay points to define the delay line
* 10 feedback points to define the feedback line
* different line styles : polygon / square* delay points can be quantized to sync the delay times to the song
* selectable sync tempo : external / internal
* beat grid for quantize positions
* RESCUE switch to clear the feedback bufferSPECTRAL FILTER
* individual gain parameter for every single frequency band
* 10 filter points to define the filter line
* different line styles : polygon / square* filter force parameter for smooth or hard filter actionSPECTRAL GATE
* individual noise gate for every single frequency band
* 10 gate points to define the gate line to adjust the gate
* different line styles : polygon / square
* global attack time and release time parameters
* mono / stereo switch to link the gate ( left / right ) in 2 channel modeSPECTRAL SHIFT
* shift of frequency bands between analysis and synthesis ( +/- 64 bands )2-DIMENSIONAL LFOs
* 3 LFOs to create 2-dimensional point movements
* independent x- and y-axis parameters
* snap function to lock the LFO start to a fixed song position
* LFOs can be synchronized to the song tempo ( from 1/16 note up to 8 bars )
* LEARN MODE for easy modulation target assignment* 5 modulation targets per LFOHELP FUNCTION
* information display for every parameter controlUNDO / REDO
* 50 step undo / redo for all point line parameter changesPARAMETER AUTOMATION
* all parameters can be fully automated by the host sequencer


Mac OSX 10.4 or higher1 GHz CPU of faster
Universal Binary - works on PowerPC or IntelChanges in 1.0.1

* Obelisk VST works now with FXpansion VST to RTAS Adapter 2.
* [MAC] Obelisk can now be authorized from the plug-in window.
* Some GUI bugs fixed.


Download File Size:2.82 MB

Artificial Audio Obelisk 1.0.1 VST
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