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Udemy Master Excel 2013 Formulas and VBA programming €10 buy download

Daniel We

Students who enroll in this course will learn the most important formulas in MS Excel 2013 as well as using them in the most efficient way. Moreover the course offers a vba section where students learn to program very useful code in vba.
I designed the course in a way which offers students with different excel knowledge the perfect environment to increase their skills and become proficient with one of the most important tools microsoft has to offer.

Section 1: Every journey begins with setting the goal
What's this course about and why should I be interested?
Word of caution
Section 2: Lets get started - Master Formulas in Excel 2013
Conditions? No problem. Use the IF Formula
IF Function with OR / AND
How to sum with a condition
All right but what if I have several conditions?
What about counting (1)?
What about counting (2)?
counta function
max, min, small, large?
Maybe most often used - the vlookup funtion
vlookup - when to use approximate match
There is hlookup too
The match function
vlookup with more than 1 table? Impossible is nothing
Index and match function instead of vlookup
Date and Time Formula - simple but useful
sumproduct - one of my personal favourites
Array formulas
mean, average, averageif(s) - welcome to statistics
Excel for Finance - Future Value Function
Excel for Finance - PMT Function
Excel for Finance - rate Function
Excel for Finance - nper Function
Excel for Finance - NPV Function
Excel for Finance - IRR Function
Excel for Finance - XIRR and XNPV
A dream comes true - Goal seek in Excel
Data tables - One of the most powerful tools in financial analysis
Data consolidation with consolidate
conditional formating with formulas
Can i set a dynamic range for my data validation list? Sure!
Forget filters - use DSUM instead
Let's create a dynamic chart
Section 3: Formulas done - now lets go on with VBA!
A few things before we start
Form Controls - A powerful tool in Excel
Congratulation! Your first own macro
Greetings from Excel
How to get the last row? Here's how!
Highlight the selected cell
Loops -saving time using the For Loop
Don't like the for loop? Use the while loop instead!
The inputbox and select case
Lonely? Excel will talk to you
Save excelsheet as a pdf
Open a website from vba
open other programs with vba
Lets get started with userforms
Transfer data from my userform into my sheets
get all filenames of a folder and save them in excel
A table of contents for my workbook with vba - awesome!
A macro recorder? Thanks microsoft
Find Data with VBA
random vba code examples - 2 pages
Section 4: The end of the journey? A few words from your instructor
What I want to tell you

Download File Size:427.66 MB

Udemy Master Excel 2013 Formulas and VBA programming
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